I am Moving!!!

21 Apr

Dear Readers!

I have a little change for your today. I have been working on a new blog/store i wanted to keep my store sort of seperate of my blog because it is just a different thing. Before i had https://magicaldesigns.wordpress.com and http://bysemantje.wordpress.com but i have now combined these two together into http://magical-designs.weebly.com. Weebly worked so much better. I hope you enjoy the new blog but i am still working on it so it’s not complete yet.

Go ahead and take a peek! Further posts and new releases will be posted over there.


Love, Samantha


[Freebie] Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris!!!!

12 Apr

Dear Disneyland Paris,

Thanks for bringing us 20 years of magic here in Europe. To celebrate your birthday i made you this kit devoted to the Disney Village! I hope you will have a wonderful but mostly magical day! Many years to follow!

See ya real soon!

Love, Samantha. Continue reading

[Mini-Kit] Ocean Kisses + Freebie.

23 Mar

Meet my newest addition to my collection of princess mini kits. It was Ariel’s turn this time. But there is more, off course this kit is great for scrapping those Ariel pictures but you can use it in many other ways. Just leave the fork and the mermaid out of your lay out and you will have a great underwater kit! I’m also offering this at the low mini kit price of $2.50. So be sure to add it to your collection. Curious about what my team and i made with this kit? Go ahead and click the more button! There is also a snassy freebie at the end of this post, you might find more at some of my team member as well. It’s just a little hint! Continue reading

[Sneak Peek] Underwater Love!

16 Mar

It’s almost time for my next monthly release! This time i picked some pretty bright colors and came up with a kit that is way under the water surface. Again i was inspired by a Disney royalty. Come back friday to see the whole kit!

please let me know what you think for a chance to win this kit!

Love, Samantha.

[Freebie] Free Magical Grabbag.

25 Feb

Dear Readers,

I have some great news for you today! I’ve made a little grabbag to play with for you! Want to receive it free of charge? Please be sure to sign up for my newsletter. Simply click the button below and the grabbag wil magically appear in your mailbox 😉

Love, Samantha

[Mini-Kit] Let Your Hair Shine + Freebie.

24 Feb

I’m so glad i can finally show you this kit! The best part? It’s very friendly priced! For only $2.50 i’ts everything you need to scrap those fabulous pictures from the newest Disney princess Rapunzel. Including lanterns and a frying pan of course! Click the more button to get inspired! Continue reading

Sneak Peek: Flowers, golden locks…..

20 Feb

I’m that you can tell what this kit is all about. I can’t really hide it in the sneak peen actually! Check back friday to see the reveal.

Want to win this kit? Please leave a random comment below. I will randomly pick somebody that will receive this kit totally for free! Be sure to add in a valid email adress so i can send it to you.

You can take your chance to win untill the kit releases on Friday. Is it not released yet? Take your chance!